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The 141 R 1199 locomotive

Publié le 2 February 2012 par Association 141 R 1199, mis à jour le 17 September 2015

The SNCF 141 R is a class of 2-8-2 steam locomotives of the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (French State Railways - SNCF). Builted in USA and Canada under the Marshall Plan, they were used all over the French rail network from 1945 to 1974.

The 141 R 1199 is owned by the SNCF. This locomotive, the 1199th of the 141 R class, is based in Nantes (France) and managed by Loco Vapeur R 1199 association.

The “R” came out of Baldwin Locomotive Works factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in February 1947 under builder number 73048.

After its arrival in France, the 1199 is assigned to Le Mans depot on July 17, 1947 where it would stay until its scrapping on August, 25 1971 [1]. The 1199 travels 1,627,474 kilometers on the Western lines around Le Mans towards Mézidon, Rennes, Auray, Nantes, Tours and even when reused, towards Rouen, La Rochelle and Vierzon.

In 1975, the transfer of the “R” to the San Diego Railways Museum - California - is planed but broke down and the locomotive is sheltered in Vitré (East of Brittany). The locomotive is registered as an heritage item in 1984, under the aegis of the Government’s Cultural Regional Services of Brittany.

Upon request of railway workers in Nantes, the engine was transfered in August 1992 to SNCF Depot of Nantes-Blottereau to be restored. The association is registered in February 1993. Because the engine belongs to SNCF, an convening had to be made with the Loco vapeur R 1199 society, that would be signed in 1995. The restoration work begins.

In 2002, the 141 R 1199 is again roadworthy! Between 2012 and 2015, a big maintenance work is conducted.


Length : 24.13 m
Weight : 192 tons
Motor wheels : Ø 1.65 m
Power : 2,900 HP
Maximal Speed : 100 Km/h (62.15 Mph)
Energy : Fuel Residue


  • Water : 20,000 liters per 100 kilometers
  • Fuel : 2,000 liters per 100 kilometers


  • Water : 150 kilometers
  • Fuel : 650 kilometers


[1Quite all class 141 R locomotives have seen their assignation changed during their career. On the 1323 locomotives delivered, only 21 141 R stay in the same city.

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