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The “Loco Vapeur R 1199” association

Publié le 2 February 2012 par Association 141 R 1199, mis à jour le 20 May 2015

The “Loco Vapeur [1] R 1199”, non-profit organization, counts up 200 members and remains open. Thanks to its volunteers, it makes every effort to restore locomotive 141 R 1199, its tender 30 R 1199, the boiler van C 890, the diesel locomotive BB 63866 and to lay out two mail-coaches and passengers coaches.

On every Thursday, about fifteen volunteers come and work on the locomotive, the tender and the train. A second team prepar exhibitions, update the website, selecting and manage the shop’s products. Furthermore, some members deal with administration and communication.


[1“Steam Engine” in French

Nous remercions nos partenaires